Elevate your voice.

Today almost everything is done on-the-go...

Whether it's in between meetings, commuting in the car or multi-tasking at a desk, we have just a few moments to express a thought or get a message out. Voice opens up a new dimension of computing, and unlocks new possibilities for you. Avocado is built for you to be on-the-go.

We believe voice-first computing will not only help you save time but also make it easier to interact with every business with a digital presence. Voice offers simple, effortless ways for customers to interact. We always have a phone with us - shouldn't basics like checking open hours, or asking a question about an order be easier? Yes. Shouldn't technology make us happier and safer too? Of course.

The #1 reason people get into serious accidents - after DUIs - is using a phone.

Texting while driving, and emailing while driving is dangerous. There are laws that try to solve this problem. Avocado fixes that with voice messaging that allows you to be truly hands-free. It's simple, faster and safer than screen-first messaging. People that try it never go back.

Our motivation for making Avocado is to make life and tasks simpler. Voice offers a new easier, faster, more personal & more accessible way to communicate, to delegate and to get stuff done. Having a personal voice platform empowers everyone to get things done quicker and simpler. That's why we aim to get Avocado into everyone's hands... & mouths and ears.

Avocado let's you speak freely, and productively.

We call it 'shipping your voice.' Made for on-the-go moments Avocado gets your message out (with its full meaning and nuance). While Avocado makes messaging on-the-go effortless, it also enables you to do certain things (delegate work) that otherwise would be possible having a human admin. 99% of the world doesn't have an admin, but everyone can have their own Avocado.

Communicate clearly and faster than ever possible before.

Avocado is the personal voice platform built to help you communicate and get simple tasks done with the help of a customizable AI. Ship your voice. Get assists. Express yourself instantly.

Join us

Our goal is to make Avocado a part of daily life. Are you inspired by voice? Come work on Avocado with us!

-Bill, Jared, Yarden, Moshe, Avi, Sharon, Travel, Rosina

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